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Years 10 - 12

Senior Schooling students at Hope Christian College are part of a vibrant and diverse learning community. Students choose from a wide range of subjects leading to further study or work, and are able to undertake a number of VET courses.

At Hope Christian College we teach our students that each is an individual, created in the image of God with a unique purpose to fulfill as part of a greater picture. Hope Christian College Seniors are encouraged to respect others, act responsibly and make a positive impact in the local, national and global community. All students participate in a weekly celebration of the Christian faith through student led chapel, where student leaders share their faith stories in peer to peer evangelism and worship.

The HopeChristian College Senior Christian Life program is central to our curriculum and students discuss faith, the Bible and explore issues from a Christian worldview. As part of student well-being, the program is designed to not only educate our students in important facts but also prepare them to make safe decisions. The program includes drug and alcohol, safe partying, cyber-safety and driver education seminars.

Hope Christian College Senior School students have the opportunity to participate in and experience many unique programs in a range of areas. Hope Christian College Seniors regularly represent the school in various events throughout the school year including: the Balaklava Eisteddfod, CSA Conferences, Voice of Youth, Tournament of Minds, various Athletics and Sporting Carnivals, Poetry and Creative Writing Competitions, Student Leadership Conferences, Science, Mathematics and Engineering Challenges and competitions.

We believe that all students have a right to learn in a caring and nurturing environment and Hope Christian College Seniors are taught the principle of DUO (Do Unto Others). Culturally inclusive, Hope Christian College Senior School has a vibrant multicultural community life with students from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Hope Christian College Seniors encounter many decisions throughout their final years of schooling. Not only do they have to make subject choices and choose career pathways, they begin to make decisions about how they will interact as young adults in the wider community. Students are provided with opportunities to explore and achieve their goals through various programs and services including:

  • Year 10 Community Service Program
  • Year 11 Work Experience program
  • Career Counseling
  • Course Information Evenings
  • VET Programs in a variety of areas
  • School Based Apprenticeships
  • HOPE Christian College Community Life program (student leadership program)

Throughout their senior years, Hope Christian College Seniors will visit a variety of University and TAFE campuses, attend a career expo and interact with visitors from industry and business through various onsite and off-site presentations.

The Hope Christian College Senior School Laptop Program seeks to provide equitable access to technology for students in their final years of schooling. Similarly, the Senior School Study Centre is open for student access before and after school as well as during study periods. It is a place where students can access technology, meet with teachers for extra tuition and study independently.

On-site holiday seminars and workshops are held across a variety of subject areas by Hope Christian College Senior School teachers for students in Year 12. Hope Christian College Senior School teachers believe in each student exceeding their expectations and are always willing to devote one on one time to students. Small class sizes in Hope Christian College are advantageous to students receiving personal attention from teaching staff and extra assistance in the classroom to achieve their goals.