College Fees

Enrolment certainty, Fees and Buses for Term 2

At Hope Christian College, our desire is to provide stability for your children during this rapidly changing and uncertain time. We are working hard to maintain the continuity and certainty of your children’s ongoing education at Hope Christian College. Please read the frequently asked questions below for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19

Will the Bus Service continue in Term 2?

Our intention is to continue all Bus Services, where possible and safe to do so.

Is my child’s enrolment safe while I am financially impacted by COVID-19?
The College is committed to supporting families effected by COVID-19. Your child’s enrolment is safe and secure at Hope Christian College during this uncertain time. If you have any concerns, please contact the College’s finance team at the earliest possibility to discuss how we can put your mind at ease.

I’m struggling financially, can the College help me?
In addition to the existing School Card and Health Care card discounts that you may now be eligible for, our Fee Relief program is also able to help. Please contact the College’s finance team at the earliest possibility to discuss how we can assist you financially through the Fee Relief program.

How will fees be affected?
At this time, unless you have been financially affected (either directly or indirectly) by COVID-19, Term 2 fees will be as normal. The College will continue with changes to the delivery of learning and to provide a safer environment to reduce the possible spread of COVID-19. We are also doing all we can to assist families impacted financially by COVID-19. Some elements of practical based subjects, camps, and excursions are not currently able to be delivered, however we will do our best to reschedule these activities later in the year.  As reductions or cancellations of direct cost activities (like camps, excursions etc) result in an overall reduction in the Colleges operating costs, we will consider further assistance to all families.

Will the College still be able to deliver education to my children during this time of uncertainty?
While education will definitely be delivered differently in 2020, the Government has communicated its strong support of education, schools and ongoing funding. Our Staff are working very hard to deliver a comprehensive and innovative educational program for your children via our online learning program. Students remaining enrolled, participating from home or onsite at the college, and engagement with the College is essential to the affective delivery of education to your children, regardless of the education model required.

  1. Our aim is to provide all the benefits of an independent school at an affordable price. We keep our fees as low as possible to make our school accessible, while striving to achieve excellence in every aspect of your child’s education.
  2. We offer generous discounts, including sibling (for multiple student families, 4th student tuition fee free), early payment, hardship (including School card) etc.
  3. We welcome the opportunity to discuss an achievable fee payment option with the goal of facilitating an enrolment solution.
  1. Our one low fee is all inclusive and includes all curriculum based activities, i.e. stationery, speciality subject costs, camps, excursions etc.
  2. We simply invoice term by term and don’t expect payment until week four of that term. There are no fees in advance, disproportional billing cycles or bonds.
  1. We offer all reasonable payment methods. We welcome and encourage “set and forget” payment methods such as CentrePay, EFT and Direct debit.
  2. We offer flexible payment plans.
  3. We offer discounts for early payment.
  4. Our Fee Schedule and Terms & Conditions are short, straight forward and in plain English.
  5. Should your circumstances change after you commence your enrolment we will work with you to find a fee payment solution to manage your changing circumstances.

Payments can continue to be made during school holidays by EFT (please ensure to reference your family code), or BPAY via internet banking, and Centrepay. If alternative payment methods are required outside of school holiday office hours, please email

Hope Christian College is happy to accommodate payments by instalments; however, it is still a requirement that you pay each term’s fees by week 4 of each term.

For more detailed information, please read the 2020 Fee Schedule and Information document.