Please note that students can still place their order via their class’s lunch order basket or by placing an order in person at the canteen before 9:00am.

Click here to view the Canteen Price List.

How to get started

Visit the Our Online Canteen website and, if you haven’t already registered, create a new account by clicking on Register (top left of page).
If you’re a returning customer, Click the Log in tab and enter your email address (user name) and password.

Add your children to your account by clicking the Children tab (top right of page) If you are a staff member add yourself as a child.
Add credit to your account by clicking the Add Credit tab on the Home Page.

Now you are ready to go!

To Place your first order

On the Home page, select the Place Order tab and follow the steps below.

  1. Select child
  2. Select date – Click in the bar under select date and the calendar will appear. Click on the date you would like your child to receive the order.
  3. Select food items by ticking the boxes and then clicking the Add to Order tab.
  4. If you have other children to order for please click the Confirm and Place New Order tab. When finished, click Confirm and Exit.
  5. Checking Orders – On the Home Page, click on the Active Orders tab and if your order has been successful it will be listed there. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Please note: If you miss the cut off time for online orders, Our Online Canteen will process late orders for a fee of $2 per family.

If you need any assistance with online ordering, please contact one of Our Online Canteen’s friendly staff on 1300 116 637 or email us at